Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Top view of the good stove Posted by Picasa

Front view of the "Good Stove" Posted by Picasa

Side view of the "Good Stove" Posted by Picasa

With a Grate (optional) coal can also be used for cooking in one of the stoves  Posted by Picasa

Chimney as optional Posted by Picasa

Longitudinal Cross Section of the stove to show the air and heat flow currents Posted by Picasa

Design of Good Stove

In this model, I have provided opening for the air on the sides for the following reasons (see the logitudinal section for deatils) :
1. It is easy to construct and steel mesh or grate is avoided, which is external raw material and not easily replaceable in the villages. So only bricks, clay and cow-dung is used.
2. The opening for air is choosen sideways, it is convinent to keep the opening open for air movement and removal of the ash without disturbing the wood or sticks. Would also push the fire towards the opening of second stove creating two updrafts (of course less intense for second stove).